Hats & Turbans

Hats and turbans from vendors like Tilley with UV protection that are fashionable, stylish and fit just for you.



Mini Wrap

Available Colors (shown - top to bottom)

Enchanted Garden, Olive/Black, Navy/Navy, Chocolate Taupe

Shirred Cap

Available Colors (shown - top to bottom)

Waves, Lavender, Shimmer Beauty, Charcoal, Earthtone, Tan, Dimensional Circles, Brown Gems

Short Tail Wrap

Available Colors (shown)

Clouds, Fall Beach, Cheetah, Grey Crush, Tim Tam, Rust Polka Dots, Royal Print, Stained-glass



Two Way Cap

Available Colors (shown)

Jungle, Camel Texture, Geo on Grey, Salt & Peper, Big Dots, Taupe Twell, Print on Brick, Eggplant, Chocolate Batik, Fuchsia Batik, Onyx Grey, Animal Print, Little Paisley


Available Colors (shown)

Black Flowers, Black, Horizon, Black & White, Mauve, Taupe, Olive, Carusel, Navy, White Marble, Fuchsia

Night Cap

Available Colors (shown)

Lt Mint, Ivory, Grey, Snow Flakes, Light Blue, Tiny Flowers, Peach




LT6B by Tilley

Medium semi-sloping front and back brim


Sizes: 6 7/8-8  (size chart)


LTM5 by Tilley

Medium semi-sloping front and back brim

Colors: KHOL- Khaki with olive underbrim, NTGR- Natural with green underbrim, OLVE- Olive

Sizes: 6 7/8-8 (size chart)


LTM6 by Tilley

Broad down-sloping brim for those who prefer ample sum protection with 3/4 polyester mesh in crown

Colors: KHOL- khaki with olive underbrim, NTGR- natural with green underbrim, OLVE- olive, NAVY- navy

Sizes: 6 7/8 to 8 (size chart)



T5 by Tilley

With semi-sloping front and back brims, the T5 is somewhat like a scaled-down version of the T4.

Colors: KHOL- Khaki with Olive underbrim

size: 6 7/8-8 (size chart)


TH4 by Tilley

Broader front and back brim slopes downward, providing great sun and rain protection.

color: MOCA- Mocha

Size: 6 7/8-8 (size chart)


T3 by Tilley

The most sought after Tilley Hat has a medium-sized brim; the sides snap up in the Aussie manner.

Colors: KHKI- khaki, OLVE- olive, NAVY- navy, NTGR- Natural with green underbrim, KHOL- Khaki with olive underbrim

Size: 6 7/8-8 (size chart)