Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What kinds of Breast Forms are available?


The hospital or a “Reach to Recover” representative will probably provide you with a temporary breast form to wear home.  This one is made of polyester fiber fill or molded foam and is light, unweighted, and to be worm throughout the 4-6 week healing process.  Beautiful camisoles with cotton breast forms are very comfortable for not only temporary wear but can be worn later.  Second to Nature can also assist in this area.


With this type, breast reconstruction is performed by a plastic surgeon. He or she would implant a new weighted breast under the skin and muscle of the chest wall. Additionally there are other types of internal surgery of which your physician can advise you.


There are various styles and skin tones to fit and match your body.  Usually these are made of medical grade silicone.  They have the shape and feel of your natural breast.

Q: If I wear a breast form, will other people be able to tell I have one?

With the proper fit provided by Second to Nature, nobody will know. For example, a silicone breast form can have the weight, style and feel of your natural breast. They are so natural that the wearer can feel that this is a part of their body.

Q: How much does an external breast form cost?

Prices tend to vary according to the type of breast form and the quality. Most insurance will cover the breast form.

The range is fairly wide:

Temporary         $20-$215

Ready Made     $120-$500

Custom Made   $4000 and up


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Q: How soon can I be fitted for an external breast form? 

Your doctor will tell you when you are ready to be fitted in approximately four to six weeks following your mastectomy. He will write a prescription or medical necessity form for your post-surgery needs. A temporary form can be worn immediately after surgery.


Q: Since my mastectomy I have extra skin under my arm. Is there anything I can do?

There are a variety of bras to help accommodate the problem of under arm tissue. Some bras are designed with a pocket for a pad to support the area around this skin. It is extremely important to get a well fitting bra.

Q: Will my insurance pay for my special post-breast surgery needs?

Medicare approves one silicone breast form every two years and several bras every year. Insurance companies vary in policies, so you should check with your carrier or consultant to see how much of your expenses will be covered.

Q: What if my breast size changes because I lose or gain weight before I can have a replacement?

Documentation of weight gain or loss is required in a doctor's statement to consider a replacement.

Q: How long will a breast form last?

Most breast forms carry a two-year warranty.

Q: Which is better, a silicone or a non-silicone breast form?

A silicone breast form is weighted helping to create balance and symmetry which is important in everyday movement and appearance.

Non-Silicone is a good temporary form and can be useful during exercise and leisure wear.